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Current Issues in Middle Level Education
Archived Issues

Editors (Spring 2005-present): , , , Kennesaw State University

Current Issues in Middle Level Education (CIMLE) is a peer-reviewed, national journal committed to the dissemination of research-based, best-practices articles based on the National Middle School Association's position statement on the professional preparation of middle level teachers.

CIMLE is a benefit of membership in NAPOMLE. One article from the current issue will be highlighted on the website and made available to the public. For access to all articles, please submit by mail your nominal membership dues ($25.00). Applications are available at this website in both Word and PDF format.

These NMSA standards (available at http://www.nmsa.org/services/teacher_prep/ ) target necessary knowledge, dispositions, and performances related to adolescent development, middle level philosophy and school organization, middle level curriculum and assessment, middle level teaching fields, middle level instruction and assessment, family and community development, and middle level professional roles.

Articles critiquing previously published articles may also be accepted if deemed stimulating to a collaborative, interdisciplinary, problem solving approach to middle-level teacher preparation. Manuscripts submitted should be research, research-based practice, inquiry orientation, theoretical, philosophical, or reviews of researches that are appropriate for middle level professors and align with NMSA standards.

History of Current Issues in Middle Level Education. John Myers (State University of West Georgia) founded the journal in 1991 with the support of a small grant from the West Georgia Regional Education Center. CIMLE's mission was established to provide a place for professors of middle level education to publish and exchange ideas.

In the fall of 1991, the first issue was mailed to all professors of middle level education, based on a listing supplied by Ken McEwen. That issue included contained articles by John Lounsbury and other leaders in middle level education. By 1995, the journal had affiliated with the Georgia POMLE, which had been in existence for over a decade at that point.

When NaPOMLE was founded on October 28th, 1997, CIMLE immediately was affillated with the national organization and that fall's issue was published under the NaPOMLE banner. John Myers was NaPOMLE's first president. The cover for that issue was designed by John Lounsbury, and was erroneously published with the NMSA logo on the cover. Except for one issue under the editorship of Alison Bunte at UW-Platteville, John Myers was CIMLE's editor from 1991-2005.

A team of editors from Kennesaw State University assumed responsibility for CIMLE in spring 2005. The editors are

  • Spring 2005 - Spring 2006: Susan Stockdale, Faith Wallace, Dera Weaver
  • Spring 2006 - Summer 2007: Susan Stockdale, Faith Wallace, Ugena Whitlock
  • Summer 2007 - present: Susan Stockdale, Ugena Whitlock, Kim Gray
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