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Best Practices Presentations

Best Practices sessions are sponsored by NAPOMLE at
NMSA Annual Conferences and Middle Level Teacher Educator Symposia.

A Symposium on Middle Level Teacher Preparation

Presented by National Middle School Association
February 4 & 5, 2005

Pictures from the conference

Papers from the Conference

Elizabeth Dore , Radford University

PALS-An After School Program

Anita Dutrow , Presbyterian College

A Methods Course Connecting the College of Education Faculty, College of Arts and Science Faculty, and Classroom Teacher to Benefit the Middle School Teacher Candidate

Deborah Friesen, Joanne Arhar, & Teresa Rishel , Kent State University

Action Research to Improve Achievement in Reforming Middle Level Schools

Alecia Youngblood-Jackson , Appalachian State University

The Use of Ethnography in Early Field Experiences for Preservice Teachers

David Virtue , University of South Carolina

ESOL "Rounds": A Best Practice in Middle Level Teacher Preparation

John Niska , Rhode Island College

Creating a Formal College-Middle Level School Partnership Network: One College's Story

Paul Parkison , University of Southern Indiana

Cognitive Coaching Relationships:  Building Collaboration into Teacher Training

Sara Davis Powell , College of Charleston

Designing an Overview Middle Level Teacher Preparation Course

Vikki Spencer , Missouri Southern State University

Dealing with "Dispositions"

Susan Stockdale & Lynn Stallings , Kennesaw State University

An Assignment that Develops Teacher Candidate Ability to Assess and Analyze Impact on Middle School Student Learning

Pat Williams-Boyd , Eastern Michigan University

Facilitating Teachers' Richer Understanding of their Students: Using Critical Case Studies


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