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Current Issues in Middle Level Education
Editors: , , Kennesaw State University

Current Issues in Middle Level Education is a peer-reviewed, national journal committed to the dissemination of research-based, best-practices articles based on the National Middle School Association's position statement on the professional preparation of middle level teachers. These standards (available at http://www.nmsa.org/services/teacher_prep/ ) target necessary knowledge, dispositions, and performances related to adolescent development, middle level philosophy and school organization, middle level curriculum and assessment, middle level teaching fields, middle level instruction and assessment, family and community development, and middle level professional roles. Articles critiquing previously published articles may also be accepted if deemed stimulating to a collaborative, interdisciplinary, problem solving approach to middle-level teacher preparation. Manuscripts submitted should be research, research-based practice, inquiry orientation, theoretical, philosophical, or reviews of researches that are appropriate for middle level professors and align with NMSA standards.

Manuscript Guidelines, Submission Requirements, and Editorial Procedures

Preparation for Review

Manuscripts, including all charts, figures, and tables, generally should not exceed 20 pages (references are not included in this total). All submissions must be prepared using a computer word processing program such as Microsoft Word (PC or MAC). Manuscripts must adhere strictly to guidelines set in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, fifth edition, 2001.

Authors should not cite or reference their own name but instead use the word "author" followed by the publication date. Do not include titles or the names of coauthors in the "author" citations or references.

Submission of a Manuscript

Submissions should be sent electronically to Faith Wallace ([email protected]) and include the following:

Cover Page: The cover page should be a separate file including:

Title of the manuscript

Date of submission


First Author's name, complete mailing address, business and home phone numbers, institutional affiliation, address, and email address.

Biographical information about each author that should not exceed 30 words per author.

Abstract: In a separate file, describe the manuscript in 100-150 words. Do not include your name or any other identifying information on the abstract or the manuscript.

Manuscript: In a separate file, send the complete manuscript including all charts, figures, tables, and references. No author-identifying information should be included.

Authors should submit three files: the manuscript, the cover page, and the abstract.

Sign the following disclaimer related to permission to use your submission and mail it to the editors (address provided on form): Warrant

Editorial Procedures:

Authors will be notified of the receipt of the manuscript. After an initial review by the editors, those manuscripts that meet specifications will be sent to three blind reviewers from our editorial review board. Authors are also notified if manuscripts are judged not to be appropriate for review. Notification of the acceptance status of the manuscript will be within four months of the receipt of the manuscript.

Submissions for this journal will be evaluated based on their ability to encourage, expand, and advocate for research based best practices and communication among middle grades professors.


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