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Middle Level Education and Certification

Please submit information about middle level education and certification in your state. Send that information including relevant links to the for inclusion on this page.

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General Information Arkansas has fifth and sixth grade endorsement that can be added to P-4 Early CHildhood and Secondary licensure.
State Department of Education http://arkansased.org
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Marla H. Ramirez,

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General Information Although Colorado does not have middle level licensure or endorsement as of April 2003, Colorado is active in the Schools to Watch Program.
State Department of Education http://www.cde.state.co.us
NMSA Affiliate Colorado Association of Middle Level Educators
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Barbara Whinery, University of Northern Colorado,

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General Information Georgia offers middle grades (4-8) certification. Click here for more information from the Georgia Standards Commission, the agency that issues teaching certificates in Georgia. For a searchable database of the approved programs in Georgia, go to Approved Programs on the Georgia Professional Standards website. In 2006, Georgia reports 11 K-12 public schools, 1,267 elementary schools, 437 middle schools, and 385 high schools for a total of 2,100
State Department of Education


NMSA Affiliate http://www.gmsa.org
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Kim Ligon, Kennesaw State University,

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General Information Kentucky has middle grades certification for grades 5-9 with two teaching fields (from English, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies).
State Department of Education


NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Dorie Combs,

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General Information Idaho has no license or endorsement, but does have state standards that correspond with NMSA/NCATE standards.
State Department of Education


NMSA Affiliate Idaho Middle Level Association

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North Carolina
State Department of Education http://www.ncpublicschools.org
North Carolina's Department of Education Middle School Contact:
Brenda Jones, Consultant, [email protected] or 919-807-3895
NMSA Affiliate http://www.ncmsa.net
NCMSA Executive Director: Dr. John Harrison,
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Tracy Smith, Appalachian State University,

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General Information Oregon has a middle level education authorization for grades 5-8. Middle level education is aligned with NMSA/NCATE standards.
State Department of Education http://www.ode.state.or.us/
NMSA Affiliate Oregon Middle Level Association
NAPOMLE Contact P. Maureen Musser,

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General Information Pennsylvania's middle level licensure is currently being reviewed, so check back for details.
State Department of Education http://www.pde.state.pa.us/
NMSA Affiliate http://www.pmsaweb.org
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Jay Hertzog, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania,

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Rhode Island
General Information Rhode Island has a middle level endorsement, which can be added to elementary or secondary certification.
State Department of Education


NMSA Affiliate  
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. John Niska, Rhode Island College,

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South Carolina
General Information Nine institutions of higher education in South Carolina currently offer middle level education programs (list of programs, including those planning middle level programs in the future). For information about adding on middle level certification, click here (p. 36-38).
State Department of Education http://www.myscschools.com/
NMSA Affiliate http://www.scmsa.org
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Barbara Blackburn, Winthrop University, University,

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General Information Virginia has middle school teacher licensure. Click here for Virginia colleges and universities with middle level programs
State Department of Education http//.www.pen.k12.va.us
Virginia's Department of Education Middle School Contact:
Jim Firebaugh, Director, Middle and High School Instruction, VDOE, Box 2120, Richmond, VA 23218 (804) 225-2651 or
NMSA Affiliate http://www.vmsa.org
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Betty Dore, Radford University,

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General Information Wisconsin has middle level teacher licensure for ages 6-12 or 13. UW-Platteville has approval for a Early Adolescence licensure for ages 10-14.
State Department of Education Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction
NMSA Affiliate Wisconsin Middle Level Association
NAPOMLE Contact Dr. Tom Lo Guidice,
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